Consult the Internet Before Buying a New Car

car.jpgOne of my least favorite things to do is buy a new car. We have two cars, a 1993 Nissan Sentra and a 1999 Toyota Rav4. They are both still great cars but they are beginning to show their age. The Sentra just failed it’s smog test and cost over $300 to fix. And the Rav4 has over 107,000 miles on it. So I decided we should look into geting new cars. Being the good shopper that I am, I started my research online. The more information you have, the easier time of it you’ll have when you walk onto the lot.

In my search for this information, I came across a site called New Car Insider. This site has a lot of great information like why a dealer can sell below “invoice” and still make a decent profit. To find out the supposed “invoice” on a particular car, you enter the car you want into the site with your email address and phone, and you immediately get the invoice price. A while later you will get one or more quotes on that car from a local dealer via phone, email or both. This is how I learned that car dealers now have “internet sales” departments. I chatted with the internet sales manager from a local dealer and he said that the price he quotes is much lower than what you get out in the front showroom, so there’s no dealing here. The reason is that you know what you want and you’ve stated the features online. No time wasting with adding this or that. He said that he sells three or four cars before the front showroom guys have had their first cup of coffee.

I know there are lots of sites like this but New Car Insider just happens to be the one I found. If you are shopping for a car, check out New Car Insider first.