Welcome to iDirectShop. My name is Scott. I originally bought this domain name because I wanted to start some kind of online store, mall or ecommerce site. Well, that was going to be too time consuming and difficult for me to pull off.

So, what to do then? I love the internet. It’s a miracle. I also love that you can shop on the internet and get better prices and even products that you just can’t get in your local town. So I decided to start a blog where I would post great, cool, fun or useful items or services that I like, use or wish I had. I belong to several programs where I get promotional codes or coupons direct from the merchant that can save a lot of money. Any that I get that I think are great, I’ll pass them along here.

I’m a champion shopper and it gives me a thrill to get the lowest price on something. For anything you see linked on this site, chances are that there won’t be a lower price elsewhere. Otherwise, it will be the best item or service of it’s type, in my opinion.

NOTE: Links clicked on this site may take you to other sites where if you make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. The cost to you will not increase because of this.

Thanks, Scott

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