Priority Pass – Airport VIP Lounges

Priority PassPriority Pass is that island of peaceful tranquility in the middle of the turbulent ocean known as the world’s airports. With tightened security, increased passenger volume, and the inevitable delays, especially during peak holiday periods, the time people have to spend in airports is longer than ever. With Priority Pass, you are now a VIP with access to the best airport lounges the world over. Just flash your Priority Pass card and you’re in. With over 1300 airport VIP lounges in 90 countries and over 500 cities, many airports have multiple lounges, some as many as four or more.

Priority Pass membership means that you don’t have to book airport VIP business class lounges in advance or even pay at the time of arrival. Simply show up at any Priority Pass airport lounge and present your Priority Pass membership card to gain immediate entry no matter what class of ticket or which airline you are flying.

Whether you travel frequently or only occasionally, Priority Pass has a plan for you. There are three plans, from the top one with unlimited access to airport lounges for a single annual membership fee, down to the low-cost annual membership option which then charges a small fee for each lounge visit to your credit card automatically.

  • Access to full business facilities – most lounges offer phone, fax, email and internet, some even have showers and conference rooms.
  • Complimentary refreshments and snacks – no need to worry about local currency or waiting for expensive airport food.

Priority Pass airport VIP Business Class lounge is the ideal way to escape chaotic and crowded departure areas. Get the peace and quiet you need, whether on a lengthy layover or you just need a few minutes to collect your thoughts. Go check out Priority Pass now.